Slacking School is a free puzzle game that has several mini-games for you to quickly complete. School can be a bore especially when your teacher is talking about things that don’t interest you. That’s why you have to come up with fun and creative things to keep yourself entertained. Unfortunately, you have a strict teacher that likes to come around and check on you to make sure you’re taking notes. When the teacher is gone, click on one of the various mini-games and try to complete it before the teacher returns. There’s a stacking game, an action game, and even a coloring game for you to select. This online game is set on a timer so try to complete all the games prior to that. The teacher’s time is random and may not give you enough time to finish all the mini-games. If the teacher catches you, you lose that level! Paint your nails and shoot paper balls in this funny and random online game.


To play this free puzzle game, pay attention to the exclamation mark that will warn you whenever a teacher is about to come around. When the teacher is present, do not click on or play any of the mini-games. Finish all the games before the timer runs out!

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